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I have been making this fudge for well over 40 years and my mother made it before that. I used to baby sit and make it while the baby was sleeping. The people that I sat for would call me for the recipe. I was very young and that really made me feel good that they would take the time to tell me how good it was and ask for the recipe. I took a picture of the index card that the recipe is on and you can tell how used it is. I just can’t make myself recopy it.
I always make this during the Christmas season. I could do it the easy way and make it with chocolate chips in the microwave but to me that is not real fudge. Mine takes time; time to cook it, boil it, stir it, and stir it and stir it. My arms get so tired stirring but that is the way it is made.
Sometimes this fudge doesn’t set firm if I’m in a hurry and don’t cook it long enough or stir it enough. It does make great hot fudge syrup when this happens. Believe me when it is chocolate I do not waste it.
This recipe takes time and practice. If it is not right the first time you will get it if you keep trying. Don’t forget to use what doesn’t work as hot fudge topping. When I make it I always double it but if you are making it for the first time try it as is.
When I made this I had a small jar of maraschino cherries so I thought how good that sounded. I rinsed them off and drained them and then I chopped them up. I added them as I added the walnuts. My fudge did not set hard enough as you can see in the pictures. Next time I will either cook it a little longer or take away a very little bit of the milk. It was awesome though we just had to eat it with a fork.
I hope that you enjoy this fudge. Make sure to go to the blog page and look to the right where it says Archives then click on any tab to see more recipes. We add more every day. I also have more pics of the fudge there.
4 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa
1 C milk
2 C sugar
2 Tbsp butter
1 tsp vanilla
½ C chopped walnuts (optional)
In a large pan (dutch oven) put your cocoa and a couple tablespoons of the milk. Heat and stir. You may need a little more milk. What you want to do is make a smooth paste of milk and cocoa.
Add sugar ½ cup at a time stirring after each ½ cup. This is to make sure the cocoa is mixed in good with the sugar. The sugar will help take out the lumps if there are any. You may also need to add a little milk but keep this thick.
After all of the sugar is mixed in add all but ¼ cup of the milk (save that for later) also add the butter.
I cook mine on high heat and stir constantly.
When it starts to boil stir in the rest of the milk and then I start the timer. Keep stirring. It takes about 4 minutes to get it to the right consistency. You could use a candy thermometer but what fun is that?
I rinse out the measuring cup that had the milk and put about 3 ice cubes with a little water. At the four minute mark I drop a little of the fudge in the water. Wait a second and pour water off and take out the fudge. It should roll into a ball. If not, cook a little longer and keep checking it with the ice water method.
Assuming it is done take it off the burner and add the vanilla and walnuts. This is where you stir and stir till it cools down and gets thicker.
When it is the right thickness pour it into a buttered 8 X 8 glass baking dish.
Let it sit for a while then cut into squares.
No matter how it turns out it will be good. Good luck and enjoy
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